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  • My ungrateful Life……..

    My ungrateful Life……..

    Are you ungrateful? If I’m being honest, life can be very challenging and it’s easy to be ungrateful when things don’t work out. Read more

  • Waiting is a waste of time!

    Waiting is a waste of time!

    Waiting is a waste of time. It’s so dated! You wouldn’t believe in the era of fast food, Express trains and high speed internet that waiting would be so popular. You’d be surprised. Read more

  • New Year – New attitude

    New Year – New attitude

    Attitude is the most important word in any language. Surely not. Well William James once said that: “Attitude was the greatest discovery of his generation… that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude”. William James But attitude is not just about how you think. Attitude is a truly magical word. It’s a […] Read more

  • 4 TOP research -based benefits of daily meditation

    4 TOP research -based benefits of daily meditation

    What are the benefits of daily meditation? Despite decades of conflicting information, research studies now show us the benefits of practicing meditation regularly. What’s the need for meditation? Despite the whole mental health awareness and well-being revolution over the past twenty years or so, people tend to neglect their most precious and creative asset: Their […] Read more

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