5 tips to release your infinite potential and overcome your fears

Can you release your infinite potential and overcome your fears? Fear 😱 happens to everyone, don’t be fooled by the people that don’t seem to show it.

Yes, behind their poker face is their real face. They have just learned to “mask” it and cover up their true emotions.

When you are crippled with fear, making progress is difficult. Thinking about your problems just creates more fears, anxieties, and stress.

Releasing your infinite potential requires a complete change of attitude because fear upsets your natural rhythm and slows you down.

Fear is false emotion appearing real. It consumes vast amounts of energy and puts your body into a negative state of vibration.

The Fearless breakthrough

But what is fear? It’s emotional energy. The tiger 🐯 is not really in the room but you are still pumped full of adrenaline. You can’t attack the tiger or even run away from it because it’s not there!

But your body keeps responding to your mind. Fear and worry create sweaty palms, feelings of being on-edge, fatigued and stomach pains.

This energy can be put to beneficial use. And because you don’t have to relive the same problem that created it: Give up the effort! Worrying is exhausting and a waste of time!

1. Stop worrying about your problems

Worrying about your problems consumes vast amount of energy and doesn’t solve them. Take a break and switch off.

Relaxation is a skill that helps you to chill out and recharge your batteries. Try listening to Alpha binaural beats 🎧 with headphones on.

Check out Magnetic Minds on YouTube. Wear headphones to get the best results. Binaural beats will help you to calm your mind.

2. Tell yourself a different story

Everybody talks to themselves in a unique way. This internal dialogue is influenced by how you feel and is subject to fluctuations in your mood.

Your thoughts about what is happening now are shaped by your story or narrative about the past.

People often tell themselves a familiar story rather than creating something new and more exciting. This is such a shame because who wants to listen to the same old boring story?

3. Waiting is a waste of time!

Don’t rely on your life situation to change by itself. You may wait a long time!

Instead create positive change by telling yourself a new story. Design your life the way you want it to be.

4. Visualise

Master the art of visualisation and shape your life the way you want. Shut your eyes and daydream what you want to manifest.

Manifestation starts from inside your mind. Feel good before you practice visualisation. This makes the process so much easier.

5. Perfect Practice makes perfect

Make visualisation or daydreaming your new habit. But don’t just use the skill to manifest your big goals. Start small with this.

Learn a new practical skill and practise visualising the process in your mind as well.

As you progress, notice how much easier learning becomes with visualisationIt’s a gamechanger!

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