What did Einstein’s imagination quote really mean?

Einstein was very famous for his imagination quote. It’s mind-blowing! If you’re wondering which Albert Einstein imagination quote? Then check out this knowledge bomb.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” 

Albert Einstein

How is imagination more important than knowledge?

Einstein looked to solve problems in pursuit of knowledge. His so-called thought experiments or ‘Gedanken Experiment’ (in German) allowed him to make scientific discoveries in his own imagination.

Perhaps this is why he said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”

However, in order to prove the value of these ‘imaginary discoveries’, he had to apply his findings in a logical and structured way. And later published a Scientific report in 1905. 

What does E = mc2 really mean?

Einstein’s equation E = mc2 indicates that energy and mass (matter) are basically the same thing, just in different “states” or forms. You could even say Energy = mass. 

For example, water exists as solid, liquid and gas. These different states depend on the environment. If water is frozen, the atoms are packed closer together forming ice. 

When the temperature rises, ice melts and the atoms drift further apart. And you’ve guessed it, when water is boiled, the atoms disperse and water vapour is formed.

The E = mc2 shows us ‘E’ (for energy) is equal to ‘m’ mass multiplied by ‘c’ (the speed of light multiplied by the speed of light). The speed of light is about (300,000,000 meters per second).

As a result of Einstein’s ‘thought experiment’ or creative visualisation, we now know that all matter is made up of energy. 

What can we learn from Einstein’s amazing imagination?

The equation in a nutshell sums up that ‘”everything is energy”. Matter is just energy at a lower speed of vibration. Objects that appear solid like a bowl or a cup, only have density because there atoms are closer together.

Nothing is solid or permanent

Amazingly, solid matter is not really solid. Matter is just an illusion. There is a fantastic article written on this topic: E=mc2: Everything is Energy – why do we continue to ignore the energetic truth? by Dr Eunice Minford.

Check it out.

In fact, there are no solid things. Energy is constantly changing form. And you can create positive change by developing your imagination.

You can do this by practicing visualisation.

Further reading:  The Three Meanings Of E=mc^2, Einstein’s Most Famous Equation

2 responses to “What did Einstein’s imagination quote really mean?”

  1. A fantastic article Dave. I always feel children should be allowed to day dream, that’s how they end up deciding their future. And I just remembered how in school we had to practice the 1 page derivation of E=mc^2 😄 I’m glad school is over, not the best place to hone one’s imagination skills.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the amazing comment Mithai! Exactly, day-dreaming or creative visualisation is an important skill to master. Unfortunately, it seems to be overlooked by most teachers’ who prefer a more structured approach to learning. 💭😔🤔 I hope the education system has improved….


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