How to conquer your monkey mind and expand your horizons

It sounds a bit funny, but we all have a ‘monkey mind’. It exists within all of us. Its purpose is to keep us safe, protected and comfortable.

Similar to us, primates need to survive. They are social animals that strive to stay safe and avoid danger!

And we share a lot in common with primates.

For example, you may prefer to socialise within your social circle? You might even stick to the same restaurants, shops and holiday destinations?

Calculated risks vs taking risks

Familiarity feels good and we all enjoy being at ease. Being comfortable means having security and avoiding taking risks.

But calculated risks are completely different. Some people prefer NOT to step out of their comfort zone. They avoid challenging themselves.

But if you stick to what you know, and follow the tried and tested, you will miss the point of having a goal.

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Goals are for growing…

Goals are for growing, they are supposed to be challenging. The whole point is to think ‘outside of your comfort zone’.

Why would you need to achieve a goal which is too easy?

Achieving your goal has to excite and stretch you. After all, to manifest your goal, you need an abundance of excitement and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, your mind will create obstacles to protect you. But excitement is the catalyst that will push you on to succeed.

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Knowing when your mind is up to tricks!

Your ‘monkey mind‘ can cause chaos, drama and conflict! The most important thing to remember is the mind is an emotional powerhouse. It creates fear to protect you from perceived dangers.

It often uses fear of the past or the unknown to ‘attack or flee’ from perceived dangers. And this doesn’t help with most situations that you will encounter.

It’s normal for people to create boundaries and avoid unnecessary risks. But achieving your goal often means stepping out of your comfort zone. This means overcoming challenges and the potential for having a set back.

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Primal scream…..

What if my dream holiday becomes a disaster? What if the Scottish castle I want to stay in is overrun by midges and I am covered in red blotches?

Or even worse, what if whilst canoeing in Inverness, I’m eaten by the Lochness Monster? Nessy has not been seen in a while, so he must be hungry.

Okay, the last one seems a bit far fetched. But you get the point. The primal part of your mind doesn’t want to tick any of your goals/adventures off your bucket list.

Aiming high

The bigger the goal; the greater the threat! That’s why your goals may remain within your comfort zone.

And instead of aiming high, you set a predictable and achievable target. Like the monkey 🙊, you search for low-hanging fruit rather than venturing further afield and expanding your horizons.

Expanding your horizons 

Finally, if you really want to expand your consciousness, then set your goal high. Remember if you start to doubt yourself early, then it’s most likely your ‘monkey mind’ wants to play safe again.

Instead of searching for that lower-hanging fruit, expand your horizons! Set your goals outside of your comfort zone. The reward will be mind blowing!

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