Top #5 tips you must apply now to make positive affirmations work

positive affirmations

I know that some people think that positive affirmations don’t work. The truth is that people are doing affirmations all the time.

Your thought’s are all types of affirmation or statement. They influence how you feel and behave.

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Think new and exciting thoughts

Unfortunately, most of your thoughts don’t help you to manifest a life that is exciting and enjoyable. This is because they are basically just the same old recycled thoughts running on auto-pilot.

Positive affirmations are extremely powerful tools that transform the way that you think. They either help you to manifest something new or they can help you to let go of something in your life.

Either way, they help you to create or design what you want to manifest. But like all great tools, they have to be used correctly or they don’t work.

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” I feel glorious dynamic energy. I am active and alive”

Louise Hay

#1 Create your own affirmations

Create your own affirmations. It’s easier than you might think! Remember to make them relevant to what you want to create in your own life.

Fill in the rest of the affirmation below.

“I am so happy and grateful NOW that …………………………..”

The structure of this affirmation works very well because of the words “I am”  and “Now” that both command the subconscious mind to pay attention. This commands the subconscious mind to be mindful and aware of what’s happening now.

Because you are ‘happy and grateful’ means you are showing an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Gratitude is one of the most powerful human emotions. When you put gratitude into your affirmation, it turbo charges your ability to manifest what you want.

#2 Make it simple

I prefer affirmations that are simple and straightforward to recite. Short and simple affirmations work better in my opinion. Choose the words carefully because the subconscious mind is listening.

#3 Read your affirmations with belief and intention

This is very important! Read your affirmations with belief and intention. Don’t just say the words, project your voice to the back of the room. You have to really say the words with passion, intent and enthusiasm.

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#4  Repetition

It is very important to read them as much as you can aloud. The only way to make them work is to repeat them often. Read your positive affirmations daily, but rehearse them mentally all the time.

 #5 Read your affirmations when you feel good 

It is easier to manifest when you feel good. Sometimes this means you have to meditate or do relaxation before you do your daily practice. This is because they work better when you feel good.

Start by relaxing and feeling at ease, then when you feel good, read them aloud. Pay attention to how you sound, project your voice to the back of the room. Make sure your voice sound’s rich and confident!

If you want more strength and resonance in your voice, focus on projecting the sound of your voice from your abdomen. This will help give the sound of your voice more power.

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Create positive

I have an idea! 💡Why not create your own Positive affirmations post-it notes?

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