10 MOST effective tips to change your money frequency 🤑

Change your money frequency? It sounds strange, but many people believe that money has a feeling or vibration associated with it.

For example, have you ever heard a gambler say they’re feeling lucky? It’s as if they already know they’re going to win! 🍀

Feeling Lucky? 🍀

And then there are the people who predict they will win the lottery. And some of them even go on to win the jackpot!

Robert Lundstedt, a 56-year-old from Brockton, Massachusetts claimed that he always knew that he was going to win the lottery. He had a “feeling” that he was going to win big on a certain week and predicted the outcome.

He went on to win nine $100,000 prizes on the same ticket. Impressive or what! Check out his story and other people who made similar predictions. Check out lucky lottery winners and their premonitions they would win from lotterypros.

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1. The law of vibration 

You may have heard of the law of attraction? But I bet you’ve never heard of the law of vibration.

Well, the law of vibration is the primary law, and the secondary law is the law of attraction. The law of attraction is more commonly discussed in the field of personal development.

This is probably because of the famous book and film – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

However, the term vibration or vibe scientifically explains how like energy attracts frequency of a similar vibration. In other words, what energy you put out, you get back.

The law of sympathetic resonance

If you have two pianos in a room and play the same note on both. Even if they have not been tuned properly, they will vibrate in perfect unison together. This is what they call in Physics “the law of sympathetic resonance”. 

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At a subtle level, a sound vibration is just energy vibrating at a certain frequency. So, bearing this in mind, how can you change your money frequency? You must change how you think and feel about money. 

This in turn will attract more money. You get more of what you focus on.

“What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.”

― Buddha

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2. Thinking controls your money frequency

Classic AM and FM radios were originally controlled by a tuner button or switch. These radios had to be manually tuned into different frequencies. They made a crackling sound as you dialled from one station to the next.

Your brain is like a tuner, and you can control the frequency by thinking. The problem is that when you become distracted, your attention keeps fluctuating onto what’s happening in the outside world.

It’s like the brain 🧠 can’t tune into anything for long. It keeps switching through different frequencies trying to find what is the most relevant or important.

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3. Tune in

Whatever you want in your life, give it your attention, energy, and focus. The bulk of your current thoughts could be negative, random or nonsense. You just must practice tuning into your money frequency.

If you think good feeling thoughts on purpose, your life must become better. Tune into what you want to manifest in your life.

Keep directing your attention, energy and focus onto what you really want for your life. Shut your eyes and visualise these exciting thoughts on a regular basis. How would life be different?

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4. Build momentum

Your brain is like a muscle that needs training. When you start to learn a new skill, it takes time to make progress.

For example, the first time I tried to swim, I couldn’t do it. I could understand the technique, but It took a while to swim properly. It’s a case of synchronising your body and mind.

Building momentum means practicing a little bit at a time. This is how you strengthen your mental muscle. If you practice often enough, you will master the new skill.

5. When you Pray, move your feet

When you Pray, move your feet

African Proverb

Changing your money frequency means developing new habits and using your imagination to manifest your goals. You can learn to improve your visualisation skills.

But don’t rely solely on your imagination. Break your goal down into smaller pieces and act.

There is an old African Proverb “When you Pray, move your feet”. I know this Proverb can be interpreted differently depending on where you read it. 

However, I believe that you must act and work towards your goals. It is important that you change your money frequency to attract what you really want. As the African Proverb says “Move your feet” – Act.

6. Change your money frequency with music

A powerful way to change your money frequency is by listening to music. But not just any type of music. You should listen to music that resonates with your new money frequency. 

This means when you’re practising visualisation, you should listen to music that relates to your goals and dreams. For example, if you want to go on holiday to Spain, you could listen to traditional Spanish guitar music to relax. 

Normally, relaxing music helps to fire up your imagination. Music that is tuned to 528Hz is good for increasing your money frequency as well.

I listen to Wholetones Activ when exercising. The music is tuned to different healing frequencies such as 528Hz, 417Hz and 333Hz etc and is perfect for physical exercise. You can use music to create the perfect ambience or mood.

7. Recharge your batteries

Nobody can be productive all the time no matter who you are. That’s why you must relax your mind and find your inner stillness. There is Scientific evidence that mindfulness and meditation work. 

8. An attitude of gratitude

You must practice an attitude of gratitude. Recognising the beauty right in front of your eyes will increase your money frequency.

You can practise gratitude right now. You can appreciate the beautiful qualities of an object or landscape. Sometimes it’s better to look for these qualities in nature. But you can recognise and acknowledge gratitude anywhere.

Check out my blog post –why gratitude is so misunderstood. Gratitude will boost your money frequency. And be grateful for what you are about to manifest.

9. Simplify your life

If you find that your house, car, and garage are full of unnecessary junk, here’s a thought: Get rid of all the junk! I bet that you don’t need most of it and you will feel better when you have more space.

Simplify your life. For example, when you simplify your goals, daily habits, hobbies etc, you become more productive. 

When less energy is being frittered away on small, less vital details, you become more focused, and you get more done!

10. Have the heart of a lion 

You may meditate on whatever you like, but I shall meditate on the heart of a lion. That gives strength

Swami Vivekananda

Improving your energy frequency means you must develop the heart of a lion. Not literally of course. But you need to be strong, determined, and courageous.

When you have a clear picture in your mind’s eye of what you want to manifest and a burning desire that should go with it. Then you will not fear minor setbacks or any form of failure. 

You will gravitate towards your own money frequency and reach your own alignment. As the quote from Swami Vivekananda says, make sure that what you meditate upon gives you strength.

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