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5 lessons to overcome negativity like a Zen Master

How would a Zen Master overcome negativity? A Zen Master is a vague term for a spiritual teacher in the area of meditation and wisdom.

And with so much negativity in the world today, it’s easy to get caught up in the endless loop of negative thinking. Most people continue to think negative thoughts all day long, it’s addictive!

Let’s show you how to overcome negative thinking and be more happy, positive and genuinely optimistic.

Yes, it’s possible!

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1. What kind of thoughts are you thinking?

The first step to overcome negative thinking is to observe your mind. Start to become aware of your thoughts, what are you thinking?

Are they happy thoughts like:

“How can I make my life better today?” or are they negative thoughts like:

“I’m too under-qualified and will never get a better job”

“Be quiet and listen to your mind”

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In order to observe your thoughts, shut your eyes and observe your thought processes. Are your thoughts happy or sad? Optimistic or fearful? Confident or hesitant? Stressed or relaxed?

Become aware of the voice in your head, and listen to how it sounds. What is the tone of the voice in your head? Does the voice sound angry, critical, constructive or anxious?

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2. Observe the negative thought patterns as they float by

Start to recognise thoughts as they come up in your mind. Learn to observe the negative thoughts without identifying with them. This is the key to overcome negative thinking.

Watch the thoughts passing through your mind and let them go. When you practice this exercise, over time, you will start to recognise familiar themes and repetitive thought patterns.

This is what’s going on in your head all day long.

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3. Observe but don’t judge

When you shut your eyes and watch your thoughts, you’re overcoming negative thinking. The more you practice this exercise, the better you will feel in yourself.

When you watch your thoughts, don’t judge your thoughts or yourself. This can be difficult in the beginning, as they have a tendency to pull you in. This exercise is not about thinking, it’s about realising you are not your thoughts.

4. Don’t Identify

This simple meditation teaches you to observe your thoughts without identifying with them. This means that you don’t look for yourself or your identity in them, you just observe.

You are just aware of the thoughts coming and going in your mind. You are the window in which thoughts come and go. The awareness in which everything happens.

5. Practice makes perfect

I have found this mindfulness approach useful in overcoming negative thoughts. Being aware of negativing thinking, without reacting, will give you greater control of your mind.

The next time your mind starts to produce a stream of negative thoughts, slow down, and shuts your eyes.

Remember these 5 mindful steps to overcome negative thinking.

“Practice makes perfect. Even Zen Master’s have to practice”

Dave Kennedy

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