How our attitude to climate change can save the world!

Climate change is happening. The facts and figures don’t lie. But statistics never gives you the full picture.

Because charts, graphs and tables can only explain it one way, we must find new ways of helping people to understand the situation.

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And it’s worth understanding how climate change works and the ramifications of the problem. Watching the news is not enough.

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Because it’s not too late, we need to see the change that’s happening now. Many believe that it’s worth understanding and sharing the information.

We can’t make things better if we can’t understand the problem. It’s difficult to have a goal, if we can’t see what the problem is like and what we’re trying to do.

Therefore, systemic change starts with education. When people understand the problem, it’s much easier to make positive changes.

Systemic change happens now

You can make systemic change by learning and helping other people to understand how climate change works. The Carbon Almanac is a collaborative movement that aims to do that.

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It is a credible resource written by authors, bloggers, illustrators, and thinkers. And once you’ve learned it, you can teach other people how it works.

Although I am not affiliated with the carbon Almanac, I do like this movement and what it aims to achieve.

Being a protestor is not everyone’s cup of tea. Change starts with learning and understanding the problem.

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You can download and share a free 60-page pdf copy of the guide for teachers, parents, and groups here. And you can even create your own content around this.

You can make an impact simply by understanding and then passing it on to someone else.

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6 responses to “How our attitude to climate change can save the world!”

  1. Climate change? ..definitely being impacted by a mustering of attitude negativities. The spiritual has the power to overwhelm the physical. Collectively, we need to change our attitude. ❤️

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      • Hello Dave. Our attitudes today are becoming more and more out of God’s natural order of life. For every indecency, violent acts and disrespect, nature responds back. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and the likes are very temperamental. 🤔

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, sadly climate change is the planet 🌏 reacting to our behaviour. Making a difference seems like too big a problem for most people to envisage.

        But when a problem is broken down, anything is possible. 😎 The starting point is helping people to understand ‘climate change’. 👍

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      • The temperament of man has changed drastically over several decades and it seems as though nature and all energies of life paralleled a rebellion, which is the direct, model reflection of man’s declining spirit.

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      • Humanity has reached a critical point in its own evolution. What’s needed is a Spiritual revolution and then our actions would reflect a higher state of consciousness.🌏


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