Can you learn emotional intelligence?

Managing your emotions means being more productive? I tried that last night by clearing out my inbox. It didn’t work.

At the time, I felt energised and clutter free.

But when I awoke the next morning, I fired up the email, only to find even MORE junk waiting to be deleted. Email is supposed to make life easier!

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Modern technology

It should simplify messaging and allow you to concentrate on what matters.

Then you would have more time to enjoy life. Modern technology should sort out your messages, contacts lists, and calendars without encroaching upon your life.

Data overload

It would prevent data overload and overwhelm. Email systems should be tailored to the individual.

You should control the tech, set the filters and define the rules of how it works. You should be the BOSS of the machine!

Sadly the cost of cleaning the inbox and doing the donkey work wastes time. This is valuable time that you could be doing something with.

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Analysis paralysis!

Emotionally, emails can be a drag! Consuming too much information is counter-productive. Even if you’re reading good quality content.

Don’t feel you need to read everything that goes into your inbox! This includes articles, blog posts and dog videos on YouTube.

Analysis can be paralysis! And consuming too much information causes mental fatigue and overthinking.

Instead, focus on what needs to be done and prioritise these tasks.

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Educate your email

You can learn to make technology work more efficiently. Then the email will filter spam, prioritise important contacts and work like a dream!

Okay, you might still get the odd irrelevant job offer that slips through the net. But on the whole, it should work like a well oiled machine. 

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Emotion is ENERGY in motion

Emotions, like email are just messages that give you information. You could say messaging for the mind and body. I like to think of Emotions as energy in motion. These kinetic bursts of energy are what we call feelings that move in a certain direction in the body.

Furthermore, emotions can make you feel happy, excited, angry or sad. You can’t easily mute, pause or delete them. But, thankfully emotional intelligence is a set of skills that you can use to master them.

Boosting your EQ

Emotional intelligence or EQ (emotional quotient) is arguably more important than IQ (intelligence quotient). These are both different ways to measure how intelligent a person is.

Training your EQ can mean knowing how to change a belief about something. Your beliefs are not always as fixed as you might think. People do change their beliefs.

Just like your email, where you can set what messages to prioritise, filter in the spam folder and which ones to block. Your emotional intelligence allows you to change how you feel about certain ideas.

For example, limited-beliefs can hold you back and need to be changed. They serve no purpose as they create inner conflict. This is why it is necessary to re-train your emotional intelligence.

Re-train your brain

Improving your Emotional intelligence helps you to manage your emotions more effectively. People all experience the world differently.

Throughout life, people have to adapt to changes in the world. With practice, a person can learn to change a belief about something because it is holding them back.

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Change is possible……

Two people can watch the same film, and both feel differently about it. Their experience is coloured by their culture, belief’s and attitude etc. 

Human emotions are not always as reliable or as opaque as people think. For instance, belief’s can change in relation to situations over time. Once upon a time everybody thought the world was flat, now most people have a completely different view. 🌍

Emotional intelligence gives you the tools to manage your emotions. And by learning this skill set you can improve how you communicate with yourself and other people. Yes, you can learn to change your beliefs and this can be a good thing. Especially if they’re holding you back.

Check out my guest post on MiddleMe guest post on emotional intelligence. It’s about how emotional intelligence can help you to become a success in your career. is an amazing website packed full of valuable content on everything from freelancing to interview skills. The blog is written by Kally, who has a wealth of knowledge in the world of work!

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