Why gratitude is misunderstood…

Why is gratitude so misunderstood? I recently went to an Italian restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day. At the end of the meal, I was handed a chip and pin reader by the waiter to pay the bill.

After putting in my card, the chip and pin reader gave me the instruction add gratuity 10% yes or no?

You have to understand that it’s Scotland. Tipping is not the norm, it’s not expected like in Canada or the United States.

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There’s no pressure to leave a tip, especially if it’s on a chip and pin reader and nobody knows whether you have given it or not. And because gratuity is not the norm, it’s sometimes overlooked.

The concept of gratitude

Gratuity is a synonym of the word gratitude or being grateful for something. But for me, gratitude is more than just being thankful. Gratitude is so misunderstood.

Basically it’s an attitude, perception, outlook and way of seeing things. Gratitude opens you up to a higher level of consciousness.

And it allows you to see the world differently. Through gratitude, you can experience joy, peace and contentment.

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The more you practise gratitude, the better your life will become. And your life doesn’t have to be perfect to practise gratitude.

Here’s a tip to feel gratitude instantly

Instead of going to a restaurant and leaving a 10% tip, take a simple object like a flower. It’s better to pick a natural flower, but it’s also possible to practise this with virtually anything.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Look at the flower, notice how it feels and how it smells. Observe the petals and its natural essence. Meditate on the flower and appreciate its shape and form.

Even in the smallest of things, you can practise gratitude. Your life doesn’t have to be great!

The next time you go into a restaurant, apply gratitude to your whole experience. Recognise the beauty in the meal, the ambience, the people and the surroundings. Taste the meal fully and take your time.

When you do this, notice how your experience of this meal seems different to other meals you’ve had. You may notice with attention to detail, you feel more joy and contentment.

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And finally, when you leave a tip, let gratuity remind you to practice gratitude. It will help you experience more peace, joy and optimism.

12 responses to “Why gratitude is misunderstood…”

  1. Well put Dave. In the USA it sometimes feel as if a tip is expected…no matter how the service is. I had to change my perception of it. What you described reminds me of mindful meditation…being grateful for all that surrounds you. On a side note, I am looking for guest writers. There’s a link on the bottom of my latest post if you’re interested.

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    • Thank-you Bernice 🙂 That’s a good point as well, it is a bit like mindful meditation. Gratitude and appreciation for every small detail.
      I read your blog post on the masculine and feminine energies and would be delighted to write a guest post for you on this subject. Thanks for asking! I have a copy of your email on the link and will get back to you ASAP.😁👍✔️

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  2. The world is the
    the world already existed
    before man existed

    the inward perspective
    equally directed outwards
    to come to your own conclusion
    can change my attitude towards life
    I don’t change anyone else with it
    and no world

    I’m just as attached to the inner world
    as in the entanglements with other people out there

    the law
    the soul
    is in every human being

    we have our lives
    from our mother
    and don’t have to say thank you

    Gratitude in humility is a gesture
    it replaces the hard work
    not for the awareness of oneself and the world

    it doesn’t go for something higher in the subjective moment
    waiting for the simplest thing is a task at any moment
    a job that awaits us

    it’s not about giving advice to other people
    if someone needs help, then one should be ready to serve the neighbor as well as possible

    the soul sends us dreams at night
    that man should learn to understand
    in order to gain new insights
    the better of every day trying to do it too

    the microbiome via the vagus nerve into the brain
    will tell me if the meal I’ve prepared is digestible or not

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      • Citation:

        Thank you for your comments. Appreciating the present moment (for what it is) opens you to the spiritual dimension.


        Die Wertschätzung
        der Seele
        des Geistes
        in mir
        das was die Seele
        im Traum zu mir sagt
        das Ereignis
        im Drama
        der Seele
        da wo ich nur
        eine Nebenrolle
        zu spielen habe
        eröffnet mir
        wenn ich den Traum
        richtig verstehe
        das was ich
        und wer ich
        im wirklichen Leben bin

        was einem anderen Menschen
        eine spirituelle Dimension
        mit seiner Sichtweise bedeutet

        wie er damit
        und warum er anderen
        damit Ratschläge erteilt
        ist in seiner Verantwortung

        The appreciation
        the soul
        of the spirit
        in me
        what the soul
        says to me in a dream
        the event
        in drama
        the soul
        just where I am
        a supporting role
        have to play
        opened up to me
        when i dream
        understand correctly
        that was me
        and who me
        am in real life

        what another person
        a spiritual dimension
        means with his point of view

        like him with it
        and why he others
        thus giving advice
        is his responsibility

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    • I agree that the meaning of gratitude is being lost. Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 doesn’t have a strong culture of tipping like the USA 🇺🇸 or 🇨🇦. But gratuity seems to be becoming more of a thing in restaurants.


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