Tree of bliss

There is a Divine being that dwells in mankind

Joy and peace for all that abide

Striving, working to be free

Inspired us to grow an apple tree 🌳

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

But dwelling in a state of bliss

Is the only way to be one with this

Timeless, joyful, enigmatic wonder

How did we ever come to blunder?

Hunger, desire and need for more

Inspired us to plant this apple core

We watered, fed and watched it grow

Prepared the soil and began to hoe

Photo by Akil Mazumder on

The Divine being took care of the rest

Sunshine, water and all was blessed

The tiny seed became a tree

And alas we lived in harmony!

Sadly the weather was rarely good

Wind blew the fruit, but the tree still stood

All not is lost, no need to fear

The tree will fruit again next year………..

Tree of bliss

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