Yin and Yang Healing the Warrior Within

Yin and yang – The Middle way

Yin and yang is more than just a symbol. ☯️ In fact, it’s a key principle in Ancient Chinese medicine. Check out my new guest post on Spiritual Journey healing.

To read the full article, visit Yin and yang healing the warrior within. It’s all about a balanced lifestyle and living life in moderation.


’m sure you’ve seen the yin and yang symbol before. You know, the swirling half circles, one black and the other white, with a dot of the opposite colour on either side. But I bet you don’t know how much power this Ancient Chinese principle really has?The world is governed by contrasting energetic forces, masculine and feminine which co-exist. You could say yang is like the “warrior” – and yin is like the “healer”.

Yin and yang

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