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5 best ways to hold yourself accountable (without negativity)

Who wants to be accountable? The answer is probably no-one. The truth is that it’s so much easier to coast through life without holding yourself accountable.

Being accountable means being focused, and staying on track with your goals. This isn’t always easy.

When you’re accountable, you have to make important decisions. And although this can be rewarding when things go well; it can also be challenging when they don’t pan out.

Make a commitment

Some people say they don’t want to go to University because there may be another Global pandemic. Others’ delay their career waiting for the perfect job opportunity to arise.

We are living in a time when it’s easier than ever to procrastinate. Getting started on a project can be full of challenges in itself.

“God has promised forgiveness to your repentance, but He has not promised tomorrow to your procrastination.”

― St. Augustine of Hippo

If your waiting for the right moment, check out my blog post – waiting is a waste of time! Unfortunately, perfect timing doesn’t exist.

Make a decision on what you want to do and stay committed to your goal. Napolean Hill once said great decision-makers make up their mind fast and change their mind slowly.

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People who fail to accumulate money, without exception, have the habit of reaching decisions, if at all, very slowly, and of changing these decisions quickly and often.

Napoleon Hill

The illusion of perfect timing

There’s never a better time to take the first step than now. Some people made millions during the Great Recession or “credit crunch”.

And despite the shrinking economy, it wasn’t all doom and gloom! Successful start-ups were born out of this time. It’s hard to believe, but true. Check out this article on companies that thrived during the recession.

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For example, businesses such as AirBnB, Zen Desk and Groupon started between 2005 and 2009. They thrived at a time when it was considered risky to start a business.

It just goes to show, despite what’s happening in the world. There will never be a better time than now.

Manifest in the moment

No decisions, means no commitments, which means no goals. If you want to manifest now, then you have to make a clear decision on your intention.

If you want to manifest a car, then you need clarity on what kind of car that you really want. It has to be a car that you are excited about manifesting.

But not something that’s way out of your expectations. It’s not that manifesting a Rolls Royce is impossible. It’s just that, you have to believe it yourself.

In fact, you have to know that is going to manifest. And that it is only a matter of time until it does.

1. Be kind to your mind

I know accountability is a serious topic of discussion. Reaching your potential and living the life of your dreams is very important.

Living a balanced lifestyle will improve your well-being. Being kind to your mind means striking a balance between yin and yang. This means not doing too much or too little.

If you are interested in discovering your inner peace, check out my new guest post: Yin and yang – healing the warrior within on Spiritual journey Healing.

2. Make a decision

Accountability means making a decision, and staying committed towards achieving success. Commitment doesn’t happen by chance and you have to keep going.

First, you have to make a decision before you can do anything. You have to name the dream or ultimate goal. But it’s also important to make smaller decisions such as to study everyday and apply what you have learned.

Your goal could be to pass your driving test, lose weight or make a specific amount of money. Make the decision to follow your dream whatever it is. 

Ask yourself the question: What do you really want? What kind of happiness are you seeking? Be honest with yourself. What excites you?

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3. Keep the desire burning

Being specific means using your imagination. Your goal doesn’t exist in reality, so you have to create it first in your imagination.

When you define your goal, you need to visualise success. Make the pictures bright and bold and create your goal as a visualisation.

Desire helps you to attract things faster than thinking alone. Because your emotions or feelings are so powerful, it’s worth learning visualisation.


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4. Stay committed to success

Once you have defined your dream, then it’s time to take the next step towards success. Working towards your goal requires commitment. 

And this means taking action. Your goal wont happen on its own.

5. Keep the Faith

Manifestation requires Faith. Faith goes beyond positive thinking and optimism.

It is knowing that it will manifest no matter what. You will never know exactly how it will manifest. But that’s part of the journey.

Miracles do happen, and as long as you have faith in what matters, you will succeed.

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