Waiting is a waste of time!

Waiting is a waste of time. It’s so dated! You wouldn’t believe in the era of fast food, Express trains and high speed internet that waiting would be so popular.

You’d be surprised.

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Is the timing right?

Whether its waiting for the right opportunity or the perfect moment, it’s unlikely to occur. Waiting is like being idle without any real point.

Call it twiddling your thumbs or hanging around. Waiting is still a waste of time. It serves no real purpose at all.

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That’s not to say that waiting is bad. Its just being unproductive and not using your mind creatively.

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In the mood…..

Your mood does play a major part in what you can achieve. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood. You don’t feel like writing a book or starting a blog.

So if you’re feeling creative, why not do the garden tomorrow? If you’re feeling fit and healthy, go to the gym. When inspiration strikes, write it all down. 

Sometimes waiting is necessary: waiting in the queue at the post office or waiting for your dinner to be served in a busy restaurant.

Photo by Andrianianja on Pexels.com

But that’s not to say it’s a good mindset to achieve your goals. Whether its waiting for the economy to pick up or the job market to improve, generally-speaking it is a waste-of-time!

In reality, perfect timing doesn’t exist because change is the only real certainty.

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