New Year – New attitude

Attitude is the most important word in any language. Surely not. Well William James once said that:

“Attitude was the greatest discovery of his generation… that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude”.

William James
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But attitude is not just about how you think. Attitude is a truly magical word. It’s a combination of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

You may be aware of your thoughts, your feelings happen subconsciously and your actions come from what you do. Attitude is a combination of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

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Harmony vs Disharmony

In order for your attitude to be as good as it can be all day long, your thoughts, feelings and actions have to be aligned. They have to be working together in perfect harmony.

Think back to a time when you felt great. You were thinking positive thoughts, feeling amazing and working towards your future with excitement.

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Like the orchestra above, you felt like you were in harmony. And this fantastic attitude would go on forever.

But unfortunately this didn’t happen. You may have experienced challenges in your life that brought about anxiety and fear.

And instead of overcoming the obstacles and achieving your dream, you got stuck in an almighty rut. Your attitude moved from positive to negative.

Like attracts like….

Have you ever noticed how a person with a ‘bad attitude’ will move away from positive, happy go lucky people? They don’t appear to like ‘positive people’ and may even try to subtly bring them down.

When they make comments like “in another good mood?” or “your so happy these days, what’s wrong with you?”. They appear to find it difficult to be around positive energy.

When you have a good attitude, nice people will just gravitate towards you. They’ll want to be your friend.

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Your thoughts change your attitude

Your thoughts control your vibration, that in turn change your attitude. Great thoughts produce great feelings which turn into great actions.

A great attitude will change your life. Keep asking yourself, am I on the right track? You’ll be happy you are. Think about it all the time.

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