5 game changing hacks to achieve your goal with gratitude 🙏

Achieving your goal requires commitment and dedication. An attitude of gratitude puts you in the mindset to succeed.

#1 An attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is about having an appreciation of what is happening in the present moment. You must focus on achieving each task, one step at a time.

And as a result, you can enjoy what you are doing without worrying about the outcome. By dividing your goal into smaller, more manageable pieces, you can reduce stress and stop being overwhelmed.

#2 Cultivate an abundance mindset

You have to steer away from the mindset of not being good enough to having infinite potential. This is an example of creating an abundance mindset.

And by practicing gratitude regularly, you will receive abundance flowing back to you. This is what creates the shift from poverty consciousness to an abundance mindset.

By appreciating your own qualities or attributes, you will begin to gravitate towards success. You are a talented artist, musician, or athlete?

Or you have a profound sense of humour or can share a wealth of knowledge and experience?

When you give more attention to these qualities and ignore your flaws, your self-esteem will grow. You can achieve much more than you think is possible.

Find a way to use your talents/skills to serve other people. This is also a way of giving back, and the more you give, the more you will receive.

#3 Fear is just an illusion

Fear is just an illusion, but it can stop you getting started on that goal. Sometimes it’s not ‘fear of failure’ that’s the problem, it’s just being ‘stuck in a rut’.

Fear is just false emotions’ appearing real’. A figment of your imagination. Don’t let fear interfere with what you’re trying to achieve.

#4 Do things you enjoy

You can’t be productive all the time, so remember to do things that you enjoy. Whether it’s listening to your favourite podcast or taking the dog for a walk in the sunshine, keep doing the things you enjoy.

#5 Build momentum

Building momentum means taking action and giving a challenging task your full attention. And by building momentum in small bursts, you will increase your motivation levels.

This will make the task easier and more enjoyable to complete. It can be compared to the difference between running up a steep hill versus going down it.

Building momentum, over time makes the task easier and less stressful. Try it for yourself, work on a complex task for a 10-minute burst before resting.

And comeback to build more momentum. Over time, you will enter a flow state, and this is a game changer!

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