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My ungrateful Life……..

Are you ungrateful? If I’m being honest, life can be very challenging and it’s easy to be ungrateful when things don’t work out.

And sometimes, it’s almost as if storm clouds gather overhead. Whether it’s the economy, the Brexit, the job-market or Geo-politics, there’s always something to complain about.

It’s times like this, I remind myself that even if dark clouds do gather, the sky is always blue and the sun ☀ is always shining underneath.

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My Ungrateful lifeThe Shivasponder

Millions at work for me, for my life Humans, animals, birds, bees, eggs, fish, insects, trees and plants Farm produce, animal food, milk, oil, honey, …….

My Ungrateful Life
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Dark clouds gathering overhead….

Yesterday, I was reading a few blog posts on my phone and discovered a hidden gem. You see, I enjoy reading The shivasponder, a blog for you, me and everyone.

Unfortunately, this coincided with a news bulletin blasting out on the car radio. Once again we are faced with dark clouds gathering overhead…. And that was just the weather report!

Despite the ongoing problems facing the world, being ungrateful is never an option. “My Ungrateful life” is a simply profound blog that quickly shifted my perception.

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Attitude of gratitude

Recently I wrote a blog post on why gratitude is so misunderstood. Many people believe they have nothing to be grateful for and dismiss gratitude as nonsense.

But this is never-true. Gratitude is the best attitude you can have. And gratitude can be learned.

You have to be honest and sincere about what you are grateful for. But there is always something when you stop and think about it.

Even if you turn your attention to smaller objects to begin with. For example, you can easily recognise the etheric beauty of a single red rose.🌹

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Take time to smell the roses

Observe a single rose objectively. Pay attention to the different colour’s that make up the rose: the yellows, reds, pinks etc.

Can you notice how light changes the colour of the rose? Sometimes a rose can look differently depending on how much light is shining in through the window.

And now touch the rose noticing how it feels: the stem, petals and stigma. Shut your eyes if it helps. Feel the different textures and connect with the rose kinaesthetically.

Finally, shut your eyes, relax and smell the strong fragrance of the rose. This powerful scent is considered the highest energetic floral scent.

It’s no surprise that the popular saying, “remember to take time to smell the roses” means to relax, slow-down and enjoy life.

This is one way that you can avoid being ungrateful and see the world in a new positive light. 🕯️

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To complain about life is to complain about being alive.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

5 responses to “My ungrateful Life……..”

  1. Its amazing how thoughtful and knowledgeable you’re with your writing. Its relaxing to just read them 😊

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    1. Thanks Mithai 😇 I appreciate that!

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  2. barefeetbaristasarepeerk’d Avatar

    Some people never realize their ungratefulness until bad happens. Who are the ungrateful ones? Time and bad happenings will reveal. Thanks Dave for allowing me to spill my thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Other people practice gratitude daily and keep a journal.📓
      When bad things happen, this can also be an opportunity for awakening and self awareness. 😃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. barefeetbaristasarepeerk’d Avatar

        Not a norm in this day age. A few people maybe practice positive dispositions.

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